Building the good life

  • As city dwellers gone native we were really excited at the idea of growing our own. But given that we have absolutely no experience of growing veg we thought we’d start small with some raised beds. We talked a lot about building our own and even paid a few visits to B&Q to look at wood. Finally we decided to use decking and just go for it but the veggie gods were smiling and when we went to buy the wood they had 2 raised bed sets on offer and we snapped them up and decided to split the 3 level boxes into to levels so we could have 3.

    Two boxes for veg and one for cut flowers. Took a while to put together especially as we had to lift grass and dig down right in front of our evergreen hedge – very rooty! We managed it in the end and made little “hats” for them from chicken wire which we then covered in bubble wrap to heat the soil up faster. This was a great idea and really worked well as you can staple bubble wrap without it ripping. It meant that our seedlings survived the cold spell in the spring which they probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.

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