Resolute not to resolve

So….here we are in 2011! I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts that have been talking about resolutions, people are going to get fit, lose weight, go running, travel, get a new job, get a new house, get ahead, make a change, do it better, do it different etc etc. At least that’s what they all say this month!

I don’t want to add my voice, I don’t want to make resolutions that I probably won’t keep but most of all I don’t want to tell you that I’ve resolved to do something and then not do it. So I decided I’d wait till the New Year resolution posts were all over and done with and then just continue on as if nothing had happened, ignore the passing of a year and plod on.

Unfortunately this is causing me some difficulty. It’s as if I have two little devils sitting on my shoulders, one whispering in my ear that I’ve done the right thing – “why change anything, your life is great, you like your job most days, you have a nice place to live and enough money to be comfortable, you have someone to love who loves you back. What more could you want? More would just be greedy!”

The other one is whispering on the other side trying to drown out its friend – “Is this it?”, it says, then it’s quiet for a few days. “Don’t you want to see more?” Silence. “Don’t you have dreams? Are you just going to stop here?” Peace. “You’re on the right path, why are you stopping? Don’t you want to find love in every corner of your life?”

The first little voice is sure easy to listen to, it takes no effort and it’s comforting. I think if I just settled in and concentrated on it I could almost be hypnotised by its words…..then I read a blog post like this or this or this and bam…I’m back in the room.

It’s like a wake up call, reminding me of the path that I originally set out on, reminding me of the promises I made to myself when I stepped off that path and decided to forge my own way. Back then I resolved that I’d stop trying not to disappoint people around me and start trying not to disappoint myself. Recently I’ve been slipping back into the old ways, I’ve been cruising in comfort and listening too much to the first voice. I need to mix it up a bit and push myself to actually get out there and make my dreams a reality, nobody else is going to do it for me and time is precious! This might sound ridiculous, selfish, impractical and impossible to that first little devil but, you know what, I couldn’t give a damn!

This year there will be no resolutions from me, only revolution. This year I’m going to go all Nike on you, this year I’m going to just do it!

Photo credit: emiana

4 thoughts on “Resolute not to resolve

  1. First, I absolutely love this post! “Revolution not resolution” is a great reminder for all of us. And “just do it” is something I needed to hear today. I’ve been procrastinating on some things and this just reminded me to do it now.

    Great, motivational post!


    P.S. Thanks for the link. 🙂

    • Thanks Travis, I’m glad to hear that my post was enough to end your procrastination, sometimes we all just need a little push to get us out the starting gates. Generally I need fired from a canon but I’ve been reading some really inspiring stuff of late that’s given me a real boost of energy and enthusiasm including Don’t Settle, so thank you 😉



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