The little things

Blowing a kissYou’ve heard it before right? – “It’s the little things that count.” Usually when I hear that it’s when a big thing has just gone completely tits up! Normally I curl my lip in a bad kind of ginger Elvis impression and grump on.

This has been one of those weeks when there’s about a billion things to do and I feel like I’m swimming against the tide. Fortunately, for anyone who has had the misfortune to see my ginger Elvis impression in the past, everybody around me has also been swimming the same tide.

So….basically nobody to give me the cheesy line we’ve all heard before. What to do! Well I just got down and told myself that it truly is the little things that count. Big things like spending the weekend with my parents, sister and nieces, none of whom I see often enough…great but not the thing that keeps popping into my head. That, the little thing, the one thing that keeps popping up all week – saying goodbye to them when I left to come home.

Now before you jump to the conclusion that I’m just a nasty piece of work, let me explain. My oldest niece, age 3, hates to say goodbye to anyone, she point blank refuses. She puts her little head down and refuses to look you in the eye, refuses to smile. On Sunday, as she sat in the back of her mum’s car and I waved goodbye before jumping into mine, she turned round, gave me a beaming smile and blew me a kiss.

That, my friends, is what keeps popping into my head as I swim against the tide.

That is the little thing.

Sometimes it really is the little things that count!

Photo credit: geraldbrazell

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