Hare or tortoise?

Hip Hop Ya Don't StopI had an interesting conversation at the weekend. We were talking about exercise and my preference for using our cycle trainer while my better half prefers to jog. I commented that I hated jogging even when I was in high school and relatively fit, I could just never do it so I ran the 100 metres instead.

Boring, yawn, yawn right! Pretty much, then I was hit by the comment:

“That’s just so like you, you’re the same with everything.”

This was met by lots of sputtering from me and a demand for an explanation. Well I got one!

She said, “Your a sprinter…at everything. You have no idea how to pace yourself, you attack everything in life at top speed, giving it everything you’ve got and saving nothing for the home straight.”

“I”, she said, “know how to pace myself that’s why I can run. Plus I like to challenge myself.”

As a sprinter I almost jumped in to say how ridiculous…..but she’s right. I hate to admit it. It sounds like it might be a failing, a lack of control, terminal short-termism, but I like to think differently.

I think that the world needs all types, the hare and the tortoise.The enthusiasm, energy and drive of the hare to get things off the ground and the stamina of the tortoise to see the project through to completion.

As for the challenges, I’m the first to admit that I’ve never enjoyed the pain of the long-burn run or the hill climb. However give me the burning muscles as you hike out the side of a sailing dinghy, constantly on the edge of capsizing but blasting down the waves and I’ll be there all day!

The challenge is beating the fear and feeling that rush of adrenalin. I’m guessing that might be down to the hare in me as well.

I’d love to hear some other thoughts on this.

Are you a hare, a tortoise or somewhere in between?

Is there a place for both or should I be learning to jog?

Photo credit: What What

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