Headless chicken dance

Headless Chicken CartoonIt seems of late that I’m constantly doing the headless chicken dance, so much so that I should surely be an expert by now. Somehow though I keep forgetting the steps and having to start all over again – it’s an endless dance!

So I’ve been very busy but I’ve learnt an awful lot in the last few months about social media, about life, the universe and everything. I won’t bore you with the details I’ll just pass on the edited highlights:

  • Good ideas don’t always work out the way you expect – no matter how much you plan and have good intentions sometimes life just gets in the way. I’ve learned to take the good with the bad and try to learn from both of them.
  • You can’t do it all alone – no matter how much you put into a project you need support to make it a success. Instead of spending lots of time making something look “just so” spend a little bit more time selling the idea to the people around you and making sure they’re as enthusiastic as you. You’ll get a lot further…well at least I think you will! I’ll get back to you in a few months when I’ve tested my theory.
  • Get away and experience new things. Visit a new country, travel about, chill out, meet people, take their advice, go with the flow. Sometimes you just have to let it all go and recharge the batteries. You might even open yourself up to a revelation, a new way of looking at things or a new goal. Three weeks in a tent in France did wonders for me recently after a particularly stressful spell. I’m back, revived and with 2 short-term goals leading to one long-term major goal. With a break from all the “noise” of the day to day grind I had time and space to make some clear decisions and I didn’t even have to work at it. Oh, and I also learned that France is crap for veggies but you can cook some pretty good food on a camping gaz double burner stove!
  • And finally….I learned that you should back up your laptops and get a burglar alarm!

It’s amazing the things you can pick up when you’re doing the headless chicken dance 😉

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