Amateur and proud!

Crowthorne Carnival Amateur Theatrical SocietyI recently read a book called American Gods by Neil Gaiman and somewhere in that book hidden away was a great line about being an amateur. At least I think it was there because when I went back I couldn’t find it – the downside of a real book…no search function!

The idea was that the word amateur has, over time, morphed into a “dirty” word. I’m sure you’ve all heard somebody or something described as “amateurish” with that slight upcurl of the lip and hint of disdain. It’s used to describe someone or something that’s just not up to scratch, that’s unprofessional, lacking in skill. The character in the book was pointing out that this is not the only meaning of the word and perhaps not the truest meaning.

An amateur is someone who does something for the love of doing it, not for money or recognition but for the joy it brings them.

I put up my hand, I’m an amateur. In fact I’m an amateur at more things in life than I’m a professional at! I think that’s the way it should be. I’m most certainly an amateur when it comes to blogging and I’m very happy to keep it that way. I started this blog as a learning aid to myself for the work I was doing….well, at work. Now, after a bit of a blogging holiday I’ve decided that I want to make this blog a little more personal, not just talk about my social media sojourn but about other topics as well. I’ll still throw the odd post in there about stuff that I’m doing online, new things I’ve learnt, any handy tips I come across but I’ll also be talking about other stuff, ideas, thoughts, good books, crap movies, great food etc.

I’m not a professional at blogging, photography, cooking, travelling, or indeed life – I’m an amateur, I do it for the love. You can read some of my posts, or all, or none. Maybe you’ll read something useful, funny or sad. Maybe you won’t! I’m an amateur and I do it for the joy of doing it, and for me that is more than enough. I hope it is for you too.

Photo credit: Crowthorne Carnival

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