Tennis or football?

neon tennis ballsfootballWith a list of things to do today as long as my arm the one major decision bouncing round my brain is no doubt the same as quite a few people today – tennis or football? Do I break out my orange stetson and keep my fingers crossed the Dutch manage to beat Brazil or do I break out the Pimms and root for Murray to take down Nadal?

In the meantime I thought I’d drop this little post into my blog which, let’s face it, has fallen by the wayside due to the glut of sporting competitions being televised and the unusually great weather we’ve been having lately in Scotland. The social media geek in me has been kept satisfied of late with preparations for a new campaign I’ll be running at work during the Edinburgh Festival. It’s a time of year when Waverley Care is particularly “visible” as we have collectors based in the Pleasance Courtyard throughout August so we thought we’d take the opportunity to raise awareness on the interwebs as well! What with this and launching our new blog as well my typing finger is tired out!

I am learning a whole pile of handy tricks though especially with Facebook FBML, so as soon as I’ve answered the burning question of “tennis or football” I’ll dust off my typing finger and get that info up here. Until then keep a look out on the Waverley Care Facebook page and watch out for the Twitter hashtag #laffoffstigma, there might be some free comedy show tickets in it for you!

Photo credits: alpenami and RO/LU

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