Love what you do, do what you love or die trying!

I read this tweet the other day and it stopped me in my tracks………..makes you think doesn’t it.

This week I get pretty introspective anyway as it’s my birthday tomorrow, so along with checking for more wrinkles and hoiking out some white hairs (this particular occupation is coming to an end as I’m fighting a losing battle), I’ve been looking at where I’m at and having a long hard think about where I’m going.

I’m not sure if this might sound like a bit of a cop-out, but I believe that to reach that place where you can say – “No re-evaluation needed” you’ve got to go on a bit of a journey, and as any traveller will tell you it can get pretty bumpy! So this week I’m asking myself do I do what I love? Hold up, before I go any further I should add that I’ve asked myself this every year with varying replies but it’s always asked about every aspect of my life – this is not just a work thing after all work is not everything.

This year I think I can say that I’m finally settling into the journey, it’s taken a while but I feel like traction control is kicking in and I’m making good headway. I’m really enjoying a lot of the things I’m doing at the moment both personally and for work, I’m learning so much on a daily basis and being able to put some of it into practice (I’m writing this blog for one). I’m trying to make sure that I get out and enjoy the amazing city I live in and looking forward to getting the tent out soon and heading out to the wilds of Scotland and beyond. Sounds great doesn’t it! But…I’m not really doing what I love in all aspects so I’ve got a lot more work to do, but that work is so much easier to take on when you feel that you are at least travelling in the right direction.

Now, do I love what I do? Well I guess the answer is sometimes. I absolutely love it when I get to learn from really great people who are as passionate about things as I am, I love coming home at night and having homemade pizza made for me by the love of my life. I definitely don’t love it when I get up in the morning and have to bike to work in the rain and wind but, by the time I get there I feel better for having done it than I would if I’d sat on the bus. I’m trying to stretch this concept to some other aspects of life. My boss, if he’s reading this would certainly understand that the job that I currently do may not be “doing what I love” but it is a part of the journey because I love some of what I do and I love the work that the organisation does. Is this enough? At the moment I think it is because I’m still travelling forward and learning the skills that I’m going to need to succeed when everything in all aspects of my life connect and I find myself saying – “no re-evaluation needed”.

Tell me what you think – journey or cop-out? Maybe re-evaluation is always needed?

Thanks to The LAC Project for the tweet.

5 thoughts on “Love what you do, do what you love or die trying!

  1. I can get a glimpse on what your feeling. In my own experience, I walked to school everyday that I nearly got crashed by a speeding car (There are no traffic lights here except in highways) and walked like nothing happened, I walked in the rain that my socks are totally wet when I arrive in school, and lastly, I walked that I’m frequently late in class. (and I don’t know why even though I keep adjusting the time just not to be late) because walking is one of the things that I love to do and I got so many reasons why (it is a form of exercise, I can save transport money, and so on).

    There are times that I have regretted things that I have cop-out like speaking out in a crowd that I hesitated to say it and it was a ‘good bye’ opportunity for me and there are people that I want to talk to and I hesitated myself to introduce myself to that group of people.

    I’d go for a journey. Right now, I’m making a 5 year plan that I want to accomplish, the things that I want to do, to see, and to reach that thing, because I don’t want to regret about my life. As always, balance everything.

    One college professor in school made this book as a project for us students and it really changed of how to look my life. The book is called “Make a life, not just a living” by Ron Jenson

    PS: Hello, Jane. Good morning 🙂

    • Hey Jerome

      You’re right it is all about balance, there will always be some things that we have to do that we don’t love but as long as we balance it out with the things we do and keep heading in the right direction it’s all good. I read a book some years ago before I went travelling, it’s called “the Alchemist” by Paulo Coehlo and I guess you could say it’s a fable about searching for something and the journey being as important as the thing you search for because of the things you learn and the people you meet along the way. I try to keep this in mind 😉
      Have a great evening!

      • My little sister got books on Paulo Coehlo. I will ask her about that book, her comment about that book is that it is very inspiring and it got many short stories.

        Have a great morning 😉

  2. Fantastic and thought provoking post, Jane. You took my little tweet/thought and really built some serious thought upon it. The reality is, for people like us, we will probably always be reevaluating, seeking how we can improve, move forward. I think you’re right, it’s much more grey. They key, at least I think they key, is that we don’t sedate ourselves and pretend that we’re “stuck” when really we’re just afraid to move forward. Love this post, Jane, keep writing your heart out, you are fabulous 🙂

    • Thanks AJ you’re very kind. I do think it is about continuously fighting the fear of failure or of making the wrong choice. You’ve just got to keep pushing forward and realise that sometimes you’re taking baby steps and sometimes you make a great leap. I’m making leaps just now and that will change again but as long as I keep in mind that moving forward might not always mean moving in a straight line then it’s all good. Zig zagging helps you miss the bullets after all!

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