Playing the social game for charity

SXSW may have been the hub of foursquare check-ins over the last week but down in deepest darkest Leith, that place made (in)famous by Irvine Welsh in his cult classic Trainspotting and brought to the masses by the man who would be Obi-Wan, a small foursquare revolution is in the offing!

True to predictions by foursquare fanatic Mr AJ Leon, the social gaming app is being put to good use by a non-profit. We Love Leith and Greener Leith have joined forces to promote shopping locally in Leith. Just check-in at a participating shop and when you’ve checked into 10 participating shops or are, simultaneously, the mayor of 3 you can claim a free We Love Leith T-shirt!

Now foursquare may not be as popular in the UK as it is in the US…yet! However, over the last few weeks I have noticed a larger number of foursquarecheck-ins in Edinburgh (I have a Tweetdeck column dedicated to my favourite city) so I guess Greener Leith have picked up on this trend and decided to tap into it. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Twitter to see how it goes.

We have a few ideas at Waverley Care for geotagging and Foursquare use during the Edinburgh Festival to raise funds and awareness, so I’ll be on the look out for other charities using these tools….and I’ll be checking in when I shop in Leith

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