Out of the rut

There’s many ruts that we can get stuck in and some are easier to get out of than others. I’m in a few just now in different areas of life and I nearly slipped into another one last night – the dinner rut!

This one might not be so well publicised as some of the others but it’s just as dangerous – it leads to a restricted and excruciatingly boring diet.
Behind the fridge door

You can tell your slipping down into the bottom of the rut when you open your fridge and its full inside but you still think there’s nothing in there that makes a meal because one of your 3 regular dishes is not in there.

Go on, be a devil – throw together something new. Last night I threw caution to the wind and cooked up a storm with some dried spaghetti, a few very nearly past their best mushrooms, 2 blocks of frozen spinach from the bottom of the freezer, some cherry tomatoes, the end of a pack of boursin cheese and the remainder of a pack of tesco blue stripe cashews. It was all a bit slapdash but extremely tasty and got me right out of that food rut….all the other ruts next!

Bring it on…

Photocredit: marie-ll

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