Social Media is just like Glee

Ok so you’re going to have to bear with me on this one but I promise it’s true – social media is like Glee.

I’m relatively new to social media and I have to admit that all the terms that get bandied about do get quite confusing to newbies like myself. If all this talk of the human web, blogging platforms, apps and social outposts is all a bit much for you too then read on! I’ve been trying to think up different ways to explain the different facets of social media and how they link together in a jargon free way that those that are new to it all can understand.

That’s when I hit on the brainwave that social media is like the tv show Glee. Lots of people at my work watch Glee but don’t have the first notion what I’m talking about when I mention Flickr, wordpress and facebook and their interaction, this is for them. So here we go:

Your blog is like Mr Scheuster, remember he’s the guy that’s trying to keep it all together. Your blog is kind of like him, it’s central to your social media arsenal, all the other bits and bobs (technical term there) feed into your blog.

Twitter is like the guys from the football team – they’re drawing attention to Glee from people who would normally never look at it twice and all in the limited vocab of a high school football jock. Twitter is doing the same for your blog – it’s for making new friends outside your current social group and drawing their attention to what your up to elsewhere, and all in 140 characters!

Flickr is like the Cheerios – they get along with everyone and they’re kind of the eye candy. Flickr is the same – it’s where you can draw attention by posting cool photos that people want to look at and then want to find out more about. Flickr is great as you can use the photos you have saved on there to make your blog look great and you can post links on twitter to them.

Alongside all of these you’ve also got Facebook which I’m going to liken to Glee Club itself. Glee club is a little family in itself where all the different people come together and feel comfortable. This is what your Facebook fan page could be – a community where people share a common aim.

Of course we can’t forget to add the all important Sue Sylvester to the mix – she’s the unknown quantity, does she want to work with Glee or does she want to destroy it…..Google Buzz anyone?

Really Glee is all about teamwork and realising that you can achieve more as part of a team than you can on your own. Similarly, to use social media effectively you have to combine all the different tools to really be able to tell your story and build your online community.

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