Coming out of the coasting closet

I have the house to myself this week so with only the cat to talk to I’ve been doing a lot of reading and thinking. I’ve read about half of The Time Traveller’s Wife and I’ve watched umpteen episodes of The West Wing, but more importantly I’ve discovered the benefit of Google Reader for keeping up with blog posts.

Although I’m reading blogs to assist in implementing a social media strategy at work it’s impossible not to apply some of the things I’m learning to my personal life as well, I tweet and I write this blog afterall and the blog alone does lead to some introspection and self-evaluation. I’m telling my colleagues that we need to have a social media strategy with clear aims and objectives, I’m asking them to think about what our goals should be and all the time I’m not taking my own advice. At this point I feel I should stand up and say

My name is Jane and I am a coaster.

Five years ago I decided to get out of the rat race, I quit my job, I sold my house, I packed my rucksack and off I went. I had been slogging away in a career that I really didn’t care for and all because the goals that I had set myself were the wrong goals. Now, five years on having had my goal setting fingers burned, I find myself hiding out in the coasting closet. The closet is safe and warm but, I have to say it, it’s also a little bit boring so I’m going to stick my head out, set some goals and take aim.

I may very well miss completely, afterall goal posts are notorious for shifting, but I’ll at least have fun in the trying because this time I’m going to make sure that I keep doing the things I enjoy. That I keep learning new things. That, most importantly of all, I stay passionate about what I’m doing because without that passion ….. well what’s the point?

I reckon I’ve got a good chance of success – I’m just not exactly sure what form that success will take but I’ll know when I get there and I’ll sure as hell enjoy the journey!

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