The long and the short of it…

So, as I mentioned in my first post I tend to have a brainstorm just before I go to sleep, and today at work I found a note in my phone that I vaguely remember typing in last night just before going to sleep. It was an idea for a blog and all it said was “the long and the short of it”.

It was an idea for a blog in a very near sleeping mind after a frustrating conversation with my boss. I think that short-term thinking when it comes to communication, relationship building and social media is ……. well it’s just silly….isn’t it? I’m thinking of the hare and tortoise analogy here, you’ve got to think of the long race, sprint off the starting blocks in a fundraiser/donor relationship and you run the risk of peaking way to early and that’s never good.

Being a fundraiser is like being a comedy actor – it’s all in the timing. Peak too early and you’ve not given your donor enough reason to give their hard-earned to you, leave it too long and you miss your window and they give to another cause! The trick I guess is building and maintaining that relationship. You’ve got to play the long game, but to do that it takes work at building a common interest.

Keeping your potential donor interested in your cause is not going to happen if the bulk of the information you hit them with is dry technical details of the projects you run or multiple invitations to the fundraising events you hold through the year – potential donors are more interested in the benefit their money will have to the people on the ground that your organisation is there to support – I would be, wouldn’t you? That’s why I’m keeping a close eye on The Well Project and their blog which gives HIV+ women a voice.

I’ll be sticking this in front of my manager’s nose on a regular basis and saying

Why can’t we do this? There’s no reason. We can. We can give the people we support a voice, we can give them a chance to share their story with our supporters. We can give them the means to fight the stigma of HIV in a safe environment.

So basically I’m hoping that while we work on the short-term need for funds in the current economic climate, we don’t lose sight of the long-term needs, the needs of those we serve to tell their story and to connect with the people who want to help them.

One thought on “The long and the short of it…

  1. And if anyone finds my missing quotation marks can you please hand them back with an explanation of where they keep sloping off too as it seems to be a regular occurence!

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