A new way to tweet..

It’s been pointed out to me that maybe I should write a quick post on Seesmiclook – finger on the pulse etc. I know there will be lots of tech blogs reviewing the latest Twitter app but this is just a quick look and first impressions from someone who is relatively new to Twitter. On my first viewing yesterday I made the comment that it was a bit “Fisher Price” – I stand by this, it is supposedly to encourage the masses to use Twitter and I can see why that would work…it looks funky:

The one thing that annoys me about it is that when you are viewing your tweets it doesn’t automatically scroll up – it tells you how many new tweets you have but doesn’t automatically start at the latest. I can see this being a real pain if you follow loads of people (and with my laptop touch pad scrolling is practically impossible, admittedly more of a Toshiba problem than Seesmic)

One of the really cool features in Seesmiclook, and a brilliant idea for those that are new to Twitter is the trending view which explains what the current trends are and fades them in and out. Another really handy feature is the interests tab – you can easily click on various different topics and hey presto up pop tweets from some relevant people. This is great if you’re new to Twitter as it can be a bit daunting to figure out who you are interested in following, this way you can check out some categories to give you a feel for what’s going on.

Seesmiclook's charity tab

Lots of cool buttons to play with and something that I’ll definitely keep coming back to for my personal Twitter just because it looks so nice – shallow I know but the new shiny things are what keeps us all interested! Meanwhile I’ll still be using Tweetdeck for managing multiple accounts and Tweetie on the iphone, but there’s nothing wrong with playing the Twitter app field a little -is there?

5 thoughts on “A new way to tweet..

  1. “playing the Twitter app field…” you’re the first social media tart I’ve come across! 😉

    Nice post Jane. I’ve not played with it yet…

    The blog looks nice – you’ll have to teach me how to insert the pictures/screenshots (nice touch) and how you’ve positioned it one post per page…which is where I want to go.

    Will link this from my latest post.


    • Thanks for the comment Sean – I think! Social Media tart indeed – you see right through me 😉
      You can change the number of posts on your page in the dashboard under Settings/Reading and for the other stuff I had to fiddle but I’ll pop a post in the forum at OsCharity showing how I did it so everyone can see – then we can all add tips when we find something good.



  2. Jane great post. I have yet to explore Seesmic Look as much as I would like to, but I do find that annoying that the tweets don’t appear that it just gives you the count. Love how you inserted the pictures into your post, gives a nice touch.

    • Thanks Melissa. I’m kind of hoping that enough people will be annoyed about the lack of an auto-scroll option that the nice people at Seesmic will add it in an upgraded version because other than that it’s quite a fun program to use ….. other than the fact that I can’t find a way to quote a tweet so I can add a comment on a retweet – all little things to be ironed out!

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