Definitely definitive definitions.

With all the social media – ising I’ve been getting into lately its really got me thinking about how we define ourselves. It’s not something that I would normally think about a lot – I’m not really a narcissist, but when you start getting involved with social media it feels like your constantly asked to categorise yourself.

As you’ll see from my “about” page, I’m not very good at this so I’ve taken the flippant approach as always – there you go, you can already tick the flippant box for me….actually while you’re at it tick sarcastic too and save yourself some time! Anyway back to the point, I’ve always hated the human habit of trying to make people fit into certain boxes to make ourselves feel more comfortable and make it easier for us to pick who we will “like” and “dislike”. Does this not really limit our experience? How can we learn if we use these boxes that we put people in to limit the communication we have?

Over the past 10 years or so (after leaving the bubble of working in the financial sector) I’ve pushed myself to go places I’ve never been, do jobs I’d never thought of doing, and speak to people I maybe wouldn’t have spoken to before. I believe that I am a better person for this and I’m going to try and treat social media the same way – yeh Facebook I’ll tick your drop down menus and tell you what music I like, Twitter I’ll use your hashtags and update my profile but then I’m going to explore! Already I’ve learned so much and had a lot of fun in the process so bring it on!

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