Hello world!

So….I’ve been getting involved more and more in social media at work and as I work for a non-profit we can’t afford to get an expert in so I get to try all the cool stuff out for myself first and then implement it at work.

To be honest I should probably have started to blog before this just as a means of getting stuff out. This may explain the reason for the name I chose for my blog – you know when you go to bed at night and all of a sudden all the things you’ve been thinking about during the day jump into your head? This happens to me a lot and when I’m tired and my brain is buzzing I get itchy.

I tell myself its all the great ideas I have at that time of night fighting to get out, unfortunately by the time I get up in the morning I’ve forgotten them all again! My hope is that some of those great ideas, I’m sure I must have one every so often, will make it into this blog. If not its just gonna have to be a repository for all my itches!!

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