Viva Las Vegas

Six days off work, one hire car, one dutchie, one scot, and a lot of cookies! It had to be done I guess, so we packed up and headed to Vegas to spend one night at Circus Circus on “The Strip”. Then we were off to the Utah parks of Zion and Bryce…or so we thought but Vegas worked its wonders and we decided to stay an extra night which meant a drive to the Valley of Fire to pitch our tent on the second night.

Well what can I say, you’ve all seen CSI right so maybe the bright lights are not all you think about when you think Las Vegas…but even with the seedieer side a favourite with all the tv buffs, me included, I still wasn’t truely prepared for the weirdness that is Vegas!

After settling ourselves into our hotel room we braved the night and headed down the strip to see what was what….hmm well nothing was what, everything was something else! One side was Venice (minus the nasty dirty water and plus the blue swimming pool style canals) with a side order of massive shopping mall and the obligatory hotel and casino, while the other side was enjoying a competition between a volcanic jungle and the set of Pirates of the Carribean! Bizarre indeed but we managed to plow on and continue our stroll. Further on we wandered thro the statues and pillars of Caesar’s rome and then crossed over to drink up the atmosphere of Paris…..well except that the accordion music wasn’t strictly speaking a french classic – or maybe viva espania is and I’m way off the mark!

We had a wander through several casinos and then decided that we’d had enough glamour for the night – its hard to keep up with the purple rinse grannies gambling away their life savings in a fug of cigarette smoke and vodka…and thats just the waitresses! The following night day and evening we did more exploring and some souvenir shopping which some of you will have been unfortunate enough to be on the recieving end of, and then headed to New York…not the place obviously, although after a few too many cocktails you may make not notice that much difference. Our aim was the rollercoaster (ridden at the end of an episode by Grissom in CSI so its dead famous 😉 which for the uninitiated is just big enough to give you the idea without giving you the boak as well! Yes I hold up my hand I was a rollercoaster virgin and I popped my cherry in Vegas

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