Grand Canyon – It is big!

That’s me back from the Grand Canyon and yes its as big as they say! Unfortunately I forgot my camera so I have no pics but as we already have some posted on here there’s really no loss…that and the fact that I still haven’t figured out how to get the dang thing to download.

Anyway I spent four days pulling weeds and watering plants at a place called Desert View on the south rim of the canyon. I have to say that it’s probably the one of the nicest places that I’ve stopped to eat a cheese sandwich! Compared to the last two projects I did this one was relatively easy with the only hard part being the coordination of a couple dozen hoses all at once…..piece of piss mate 😉 Also was lucky enough to meet Dan, Lau’s supervisor from the first two weeks, and he is a star…bloody good cook too which is nice as I’m heading back down to Glendale on Tuesday but am at least guaranteed decent food cos I have him again. (He even promised me he’d try to get some chilled diet coke for us – I tell you its the little things that count)

Not much else to tell about the Canyon other than a fact for your factfile – the first three weeks in October are mating season for elk. Elk make a noise like the ring-wraiths from Lord of the Rings all night long in mating season. Last week they chose to do it outside my tent for two nights! We called the park ranger to get him out to scare them away on the third night but he told us just to throw rocks then hide in the van as they’re aggressive this time of year. Fortunately for us the elk seem not to like rain and we had the biggest thunder-storm I’ve ever seen on the last night, thunder so loud the ground shook and lightening hitting the ground less than 100 yards away – who says camping isn’t fun!!

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